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integer factorization

prime factorization
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I just noticed that CompositeFan attached her entry on trial division to the entry on composite numbers, while PrimeFan attached his entry on the Fermat method to the entry on primes. (I think attaching to integer factorization would make more sense).

There are other interesting similarities and differences between the two: PrimeFan will contribute something to Wikipedia first and then PlanetMath, while CompositeFan will contribute something to PlanetMath first and then Wikipedia. PrimeFan is an old man who served in the Navy in the pointful Second World War, while CompositeFan is a young woman who served in the Navy in the pointless First Gulf War. PrimeFan hates classical music but is interested in opus sequences, while CompositeFan loves classical music but couldn't care less for opus sequences. etc.

Marine Corps, which is technically Department of the Navy (Marines are sticklers for those kinds of details); just because the current Gulf War is "pointless" doesn't mean the first one was too (in fact, the Kuwaiti were actually grateful to us); "hates" is too strong a word for it, "doesn't like it" would be more accurate; though it appears that for some reason the vast majority of professional mathematicians as well as amateurs really love classical music. Gowers's book briefly mentioned this, if I recall correctly.

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