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integration of polynomial

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I am uncertain what is wrong with the TeX code I have put in. I will try to correct it as soon as possible. For now, hopefully you can tell how the proof is supposed to go from the TeX code.

One problem is that the brackets don't match in the following fragment


There are a lot of = signs sitting outside maths environments as well, these ought to go inside the $...$s. And it would be better style to use a theorem/proof environment rather than \mathbf{Theorem: }

Also the comma ending the very last displayed equation: is that supposed to be there?

Thanks for the \frac correction. Those types are the hardest for me to see. The = ended up outside of the $'s because I tried to use eqnarray and failed miserably, and I forgot to fix it afterwards. In any case, I'm glad that I finally got this debugged to the point that other people can read the html. Thanks.

A long time ago, silverfish wrote:

> And it would be better style to use a theorem/proof
> environment rather than \mathbf{Theorem: }

Others have made similar comments.

Probably to the sheer delight of all of those nagging me about this, I am going back through and changing all of these.

The main reason that I was using \mathbf{Theorem:} was that I could not figure out how to suppress the numbering in the theorem/proof environment. To me, using the obscure \mathbf{Theorem:} was a far lesser evil than having numbered theorems in entries that contained only one theorem. Now that I have asterisks everywhere, life is good. :-)

I am sheerly delighted :)

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