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Lusin's theorem

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According to the encyclopedia, there is another entry on Lusin's theorem, but I cannot read it. (???)

I googled "Lusin's theorem site:planetmath", and it returned the list of entries beginning with L (on which the other "Lusin's theorem" appears) but not the actual entry. Perhaps it doesn't exist anymore???

According to the index, it's at - but going to that page gives an "Object not found!" error. So it must have been deleted, although it's strange that the index still lists it.

There should really be a log of deleted entries (as I've suggested before), and maybe an "object graveyard" from which deleted objects can be brought back to life (as akrowne once suggested, if I remember correctly). I'll add these to your compilation of suggested changes to PM.

The entry is also still listed (with an ID of 7878) in the list of objects owned by user puuhikki:

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