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Editing Object help

Hello all,
When I am editing my entry, the following ``red note'' appears:
>Need a valid parent object reference for that type of entry.
So I cannot use the ``preview''.
Someone knows how do I fix that issue? Thanks!


This note appears because of the type of object you are trying to add. (I know that proofs and examples behave in this manner.) One fix is to classify your entry as an object that does not need attached to anything (such as a theorem or a definition). If this is not appropriate, find another entry on PM to which the entry you want to add is related, determine the canonical name of the related entry that already exists on PM, and put this on your entry at the line that says: ``Attached to (if applicable)''. If no such related entry exists, this is probably an indication that you need to add another entry, such as a definition or theorem, before you can add the entry on which you are currently working.

As an example, my entry ``alternative proof of derivative of $x^n$'' (which, as the title indicates, is a proof) is attached to the entry that has a canonical name of PowerRule2 because they are related.

I hope that this helps. If not, feel free to ask, or hopefully someone else can clarify.


Thanks a lot by your help, Warren. Let's see.
First, I placed my entry title as an item in
``fundamental theorems in complex analysis'' by rspuzio.
Object id is 6656, canonical name is FundamentalTheoremsInComplexAnalysis. AMS MSC:30-00
Next I used ``add(any)'' and I put there
Type: Derivation
Title: Schwarz and Poisson formulas
msc:30D10 (I placed this one because my entry ``Harnack theorem'' is related and possesses that Classification)
With that layout either placing any ``attached to'' or not, it doesn't work. However, when I wrote ``Harnack theorem'' I proceeded in the same way and it worked! In fact that entry is another item in rspuzio project. I don't understand that! Further, if I apply ``save changes'' it works (Object id is 8148, canonical name is SchwarzAndPoissonFormulas.), but I cannot see the ``preview'' in anyway. That's very strange!

Your new object is canonical name SchwarzAndPoissonFormulas??? If so, then, at least at my end, all that it displays is the word ``Introduction''. This is also the only TeX code that I see. Is the object not finished, or am I not able to view all the information that is there?

>Your new object is canonical name SchwarzAndPoissonFormulas???
I just placed the title ``Schwarz and Poisson formulas'' only. Canonical name is generated automatically.
>Is the object not finished, or am I not able to view all the information that is there?
The object is not finished because I cannot see the ``preview''.
(When I wrote ``\section*{Introduction}'', and applied ``save changes'' the entry was created, but the ``preview'' doesn't work for me.)

It looks like you got the object edited successfully. Great! :-)


Yes Warren. I had to change the classification of Derivation by Theorem so that the edition worked. I hope that PM places the appropriate classification later. I want to thank for your interest in helping me as well as to CWoo that was interested in solving the issue.

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