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discuss strategic communications; Words on Fire contract act...

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discuss strategic communications; Words on Fire contract act...

This message is to inaugurate a forum (maybe permanent) for discussing PlanetMath strategic communications. We have engaged with Words on Fire Communications (WoF), nonprofit development specialists, and will be working with Marnita and Carl, the principals of the company. They will create accounts and join in here.

Much communication will go on outside this forum, but it will provide an "anchor" so the community and all the various PlanetMath stakeholders have a reliable place to check on the activities, and participate.

To those who will be available and interested, there will be opportunity for phone calls, emails, and even in-person meetings with WoF. We want to get all sorts of participants/stakeholders, not just the board and me.

The types of things we will be discussing here are visions, goals, partners, governance and especially decision-making, fundraising and spending, sustainability, and outreach.

To help get things started I will post a few links:

Wiki home page for the nonprofit:

PlanetMath ByLaws 2.0 (which were proto-ratified):

(note the above talks about goals and philosophy extensively)

Old ByLaws (from a generic template):

Latest grant proposal (to NSF) narrative material:

(the above has a good summary and other narrative sections explaining many of the current challenges and desired development directions of PlanetMath)

Others please feel free to post more background docs!


I almost forgot, here is the "beta" version of our subscription membership signup system:

- Here you can read the public exchanges of the board and
volunteers, to get some sense of the dynamic (wear rubber
boots with thick soles) and some issues of concern.
- This is an index of most important docs from 2006 (there
is a lot there, and most of it is pretty interesting!)
- This is a new initiative begun by Chi Woo, Ray Puzio, and me.
- A recent forum posting by Ray that attempted to (and succeeded
at) getting some useful discussion going in the PM community.

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