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Strategic Communications Development forum

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Strategic Communications Development forum

"Once you have self-identified the group with which you'd like to participate (and you may participate in both), please post in the WGOne and/or WGTwo threads your desire to be in that group".

For all the talk of community, there doesn't seem to be much community interest in this approach. Am I missing something?

Well, there will be a community discussion by telephone tonight at 7:30 PST. I think this may be one of the covered topics. Everyone is welcome to participate!

For more details, see

As much as some of us might wish otherwise, I would tend
to agree, most PM users are not interested in WG1 or WG2,
or the sets of issues these groups represent. But while
accepting this reality, we can still try to "raise awareness"
or even "raise consciousness" (sorry about the lingo...)
and continue to hope that more people will take an active
interest in these things in the future.

My personal hope is that PlanetMath will eventually look like
a "math co-op" -- with heavy involvement and clear rewards for
people who are really into what PM is doing, and more services
available to more casual users.

I don't necessarily anticipate a huge degree of community
involvement in the early stages of developing this arrangement,
but I would like those who are interested in it to build things
with the idea of *some* community in mind -- even if the
community of highly involved staff/owners turns out to be
pretty small compared to the community of users. And of course,
pathways for communication between casual users and more
involved users should exist, as should clear ways to move from
one of these groups to the other.

(I am not saying right now where someone who is highly involved
in the math end of things but not in non-profit or governance
stuff would fall -- I would hope that they would at least be able
to talk with the people "running" the co-op about the things that
matter to them, even if they don't want to take an active role
in running things.)

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