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Second Life Foothold

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Second Life Foothold

During the phone conversation a couple people mentioned grade school math tutorials or teaching material so the thought popped up about starting a foothold within Second Life. I am rather new to it, but it could lead to either good advertising or partnerships with educational communities within SL. If anyone is interested in helping me explore this let me know.

A good link to education within SL,

On a side note it may be interesting to have online discussions for PM within SL, this way we might get the conversations logged, etc., one up irc...


One thing which could really make Second Life awkward for is the
following policy of theirs:

"We don't allow anyone under 18 years old in the adult world of Second Life, and likewise we do not allow adult Residents (18+) on the mainland of the Teen World. Both of these worlds are separate from each other, and we do not allow inworld travel or communication between them."

Here on PM, we don't make any such strict divisions. High school
students can post to fora and even write entries just like anyone
else here, so it would not be suitable as a place for our online
discussions, but a virtual school might be possible and partnerships
with virtual educational institutions sounds like something
worth pursuing.

By the way, I wonder if there are any other websites which offer
something similar to what Second Life has. Even better, is there
free software which we might be able to set up on our server which
would allow us to set up something similar for our own discussions.
Even better, maybe we could have some sort of space invaders theme
where PM and PP look like loke real planets with differrent areas
(analysis, algebra, mechanics,...) as continents and people move
around in in flying saucers :)

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