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New feature announced: Email bridge

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New feature announced: Email bridge

Hello all!

I have a please to announce that the new feature has been enabled :) This is called an email bridge. Now, you can have a discussion on forums without your browser, but using only email client. This is how it works:

1. You need to add thread you are interested in to your watches.
2. From this moment, whenever something is posted in that thread, you will receive an email with that post. The email will be from author of the post (actually the from field will be the following address: pm-username <>).
3. To participate in the discussion, you can simply hit reply to this email and send your response to Just as usual email.
4. Depending on your settings (please see below), you will either receive an email verification request, or your message will be posted on the forum as a reply to the post you replied to.
5. There are few options for verification of your posts. First, you can simply reply to the verification request (hit reply and send in your email client). Second, you can follow the link in verification email. Third, and the most convenient way is as follows. Go to Your settings -> Preferences -> Email Bridge and set secret phrase (very bottom of the page). Then, when sending your responses to posts, send messages to the following email address: So for instance, if you have chosen word cloud as your secret phrase, you should send your email to If you do so, you will not receive any verification request, but your message will appear automatically on the forum.

Please keep in mind that we tested this feature (thanks CWoo, ratboy, mathcam), but it might still have some bugs. So if you feel that something is not working, or if you reply to an email and nothing happens, please let me know. Feel free to add this thread to your watches and post something here to see how it works!

I hope most of you will find the feature helpful and useful. In case of any questions, go ahead and ask :)


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