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Latex tableofcontents problem

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Latex tableofcontents problem


Hi, i am having trouble generating a correct table of contents.

i am doing the double comile action (latex, latex) ;
i am not putting any "*" in my sections.

When i compile the document, my table of contents never shows any sections or subssections.
I am using the article document class.
I can however see Parts if I insert a Part command in the source file.

Another thing is, the sections and subsections are listed in .toc file.
So there really isn't any missing information in the sources i believe.

Any idea why only some of the entries in the toc file are being presented in the generated .dvi output file?

Thanks in advance.

:) Thanks, i had tried before the setcounter instruction, but no one had pointed out that it should be placed in the preamble.
That made a whole lot of difference.

Anyway the pointless code, that is now working ;).
Merci merci.

Experimental code:
\section{First section}
Your contribution
\subsection{First Section Subsection}

Compile Line:
latex -halt-on-error -aux-directory=./dump -include-directory=./lib -output-format=dvi src_My_Experiment.tex
latex -halt-on-error -aux-directory=./dump -include-directory=./lib -output-format=dvi src_My_Experiment.tex

Is this an entry on the site? Seeing the source would help.

As a first guess, I'd try adding a


in the preamble.


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