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Open Call to Solicit PM Content Committee Members

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Open Call to Solicit PM Content Committee Members

Dear fellow PlanetMath users:

The PlanetMath Administration is looking for users to join the Content Committee. The primary goal of the Content Committee is to preserve and maintain the integrity of the mathematical content and organization of PlanetMath. If you are interested, please send an email to PMAdministration.

PM Administration

Hello "PM Administration".

Is it clear at this point how the Committee is going to operate?


Yes Alvaro. The Content Committee is doing the following:

1. getting the Content Committee Charter finalized by next Wednesday (it is nearly ready at this point)
2. getting the Charter approved by the Board, hopefully a week after next Wednesday
3. recruit new Content Committee members via the open call, which will close next Wednesday. At that point, the existing members (rm50, CWoo, and ratboy) will work on getting a recommended list of finalists in a couple of days, and then with the Board's approval, the finalists will become new members.
4. in the meantime, the Content Committee is committed to working on cleansing the current content of the Encyclopedia. This is evident in the recent removal of inappropriate entries by one user. The steps are as follows:
(a). work with owner of the entries to try to get the problematic entries corrected or deleted
(b). if (a). does not work, a formal request of entry correction and/or entry deletion will be sent by PMAdministration
(c). if owner does not respond to the request in (b). within a week, PMAdministration will take immediate action to correct or delete, whichever is appropriate. In addition, the owner will receive a formal warning.
5. continue to work on the PM Request queue, deleting inappropriate requests, approving (rejecting) all properly (inproperly) fulfiilled requests

There are still a lot of details to be worked out, including things such as the new point system, the enforcement structure, the content standards of PM Papers, PM Books, and PM Expositions, etc... which is the reason why we are looking for interested people to participate in this process.

PM Administration

The open call to solicit PM Content Committee Members is now closed. We will review all candidates and let you know of the result in the next couple of weeks.

Have a nice Thanksgiving!

PM Administration

It has been over a week since the PlanetMath Administration had an open call to solicit PlanetMath Content Committee members.

This is a reminder that the open call is still effective. If you are interested, please send an email to PMAdministration.

This open call will last one more week, and will be closed on November 26.

PM Administration

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