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Extra }, or forgotten $

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Extra }, or forgotten $


WTF is wrong with this line?

\[U_n:=\max{0,r\in\left{1,\dots,n\right}\|\mtext{ there exists }0\leq s_1<t_1<s_2<t_2<\dots<s_r<t_r\leq n\mtext{ such that for all }i\in\left{1,\dots,r\right}\colon X_{s_i}\leq a,X_{t_i}\geq b}\]

Good day.

The main problem seems to be with braces, which are special characters in LaTeX, and must be written as \{ and \} when e.g. delimiting sets.
What follows is a first-step correction, surely needing refining:

> \[U_n:=\max{


> 0,r\in\left{


> 1,\dots,n\right}


> \|\mtext{ there
> exists }


> 0\leq s_1<t_1<s_2<t_2<\dots


> <s_r<t_r\leq n\mtext{ such that for all }i

n\mid\forall i

> \in\left{


> 1,\dots,r\right}


> \colon
> X_{s_i}\leq a,X_{t_i}\geq b}\]


Best regards,


You want to escape [almost] all of the { and } with backslashes. Also, replace \mtext with \text. Not sure what \mtext is, but it's late and I know \text works.

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