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I started working on an organization-wide roadmap
(separate from our task list and higher level) at

So far the high-level plan there contains only two items:

* Document "legacy" resources (in one easy-to-use PDF)

* Assist other members of the organization with creating
roadmaps so we get a better sense of what we're doing
(Code Roadmap, Content Roadmap, ...?)

I appreciate any thoughts from others who have something
to say about the direction things are going. (My two-item list
is by no means meant to be complete!)

Joe Corneli,


"The Road to Free Math"


Tentative date for next board meeting (unless there's a better idea):
Tuesday the 29th of September, 9PM Eastern.

(Further details at

"roadmap stub" -- The Noosphere dev site now has the
beginnings of a "roadmap", where we can see and discuss
the broad directions of development work.

"noosphere feature requests manager" -- This is
complemented by a new feature request page that presents
old material from AsteroidMeta in a better way. New
requests can be added as comments!

(A weekly reminder!

President's tasks

* Make sure snapshots are being made right.
* Supervise various programming tasks (below); coordinate with
participating organizations. [ONGOING]

Programmer's tasks

* implement new template system (coordinating with Pitman,
Springer) [ONGOING]
* provide support for testing of editorial/content committee features

Admin's tasks

* Assist with the next board meeting — remind people of the date,
manage the agenda and circulate it to the board, take minutes and file
them away where appropriate.
* Co-author documentation of PM organization.
* Lead revision of our survey of metacommons-related projects in
math and find a suitable venue for publication as part of our PR
strategy (see Surveying the Math Metacommons).
* Maintain this tasklist and an overall organizational roadmap
(the latter at PlanetMath Admin). Assist other members of the
organization in creating their own roadmaps.

Board tasks

* Schedule the next board meeting.
* Look for funding sources.

R.S.P.'s tasks

* Co-author documentation of PM organization.

Unassigned tasks

oops! (Copy and Paste error.)

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