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calling (would-be) mathematics instructors!

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calling (would-be) mathematics instructors!


I could really use your help organizing some mathematics courses at P2PU ( this winter. This past autumn, I ran a sort of informal mathematics seminar there, and I discovered that independent learners tend to need more structure ;-/

I've outline 6 courses that I think people would be interested in here:

They are:

1. Short Precalculus
2. Short Calculus
3. Short Advanced Calculus
4. Mathematics for computer programmers
5. Mathematics for game designers
6. Short statistics

I could use your help (a) turning the outlines into proper syllabi (using PlanetMath material?); and (b) helping facilitate the courses!

P2PU is in my view quite cool, and eventually I'd like to get PlanetMath set up as their "mathematics department". I think PlanetMath itself has a lot to gain by double-checking whether its contents can actually be useful in courses like the ones I outlined above. If we have good coverage of the topics discussed in these courses, that's super -- we should check.

Please reply here, or on the respective Wikiversity talk pages, or email me directly, -- if you're not interested but you know someone who might be, please relay this note.


I guess I should thank you. Now I know what the look on my student's face means when I first try to explain the chain rule to them.

I have proved these two conjectures neatly with the same transform using two different spannings, and choosing the supremum of crossing number functions; you can view it at the website... Sorry, Joe,... I don't know how to post a message of my own on this board. Best Regards, Bill

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