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Eric Weisstein

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\emph{Eric W. Weisstein} (1969 - ) American astronomer and mathematician, editor of MathWorld and ScienceWorld.

Born in Bloomington, Indiana, Weisstein earned a bachelor's in physics from Cornell, then two graduate degrees in astronomy from CalTech. After a stint at the Arecibo Observatory, Weisstein published an early draft of a math encyclopedia on his CalTech website. Later he sold the book to CRC Press, a company that published it as the {\it CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics}. In 1999, the encyclopedia was published as HTML again in the Wolfram Research website, with many entries supplemented by Mathematica notebooks and graphics created in Mathematica, as well as new entries written by other authors. Wolfram acknowledges that Weisstein has given them much advice in the newer versions of Mathematica. Lately, Weisstein has done consulting work for the CBS police drama {\it NUMB3RS}.

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