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PM Planetary Update on Developmental web Servers and Sites--including web servers


\section{Web servers Updates:}
(In reverse chronological order, with the first website/server listed being the latest one)
Currently all servers are running at full speed...
Books can be edited and saved in PDF format at the Media Wiki version 1.17
 \PMlinkexternal{ website:}{}  

(Yes, you need to add :8888 after the URL for protection against spamming!)

 ``{\em}'' is a new PM and developmental server/website for, running Drupal under Ubuntu 12.04.01 OS with {\em Planetary.PlanetMath.Beta3B}; it is currently dedicated as a Developmental PM new server for high storage backup and website development; it is also planned in the future to add to it a Planetary.PlanetPhysics website, running Drupal under Ubuntu 12.04.1 OS. This is currently the only PM developmental website that allows direct upload of Full (not filtered) HTML source code;

 {\bf Beta2} {\em " developmental website"} is actually an earlier PM developmental planetary website running on a different server

 {\bf} is running Beta3 Planetary for the PM developmental website with Drupal under Ubuntu 12.04.1 OS R- wiki is an Organizational Blog and Discussion R-wiki for backing up contents R-wiki on Noosphere 1.0 main server running under Ubuntu 10.04's MediaWiki v.1.17 server runs under Scientific Linux version 6.1 OS is the Noosphere 1.0 website of 's \PMlinkexternal{Developmental-redux website}{} runs on internet port 8080 Noosphere v. 1.5.