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Idea: a repository of research topics requesting help

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Idea: a repository of research topics requesting help

This may be probably based on PlanetMath or may be accomplished creating a new special site (maybe based on StackExchange engine).

I suggest to have a repository of research problems for which a researcher requested help.

This is similar to MathOverflow but does not require the problems to be understandable for wide mathematical audience without some prior reading.

The first problem to be included into this repository would be this problem:

To understand it, one must first read my draft book. For this reason it is not suitable for MathOverflow.

I think PlanetMath would behave better than StackExchange because of PlanetMath's collaboration facilities. For example my above problem is accompanied with several ideas I used to attack the problem, and others may suggest more ideas until the problem is finally solved.

I think just adding tags like “Help sought” for the research section would be useful.

Also, check out the new Collections feature – I’ll give some examples about how to use it soon. This would allow you to create a series of posts that introduce someone to your research question, providing the necessary background and definitions as a succinct reading list.

Speaking more broadly about how this might work:

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