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The buttons at the top of the editor are a bit boring. Little up arrows do not tell me what the button is going to do.

Why am I not allowed to add a note to reader when answering a question? If I am given a link surely access should not be denied.

A spell checker would be nice.

I think that the default linking should not link an article to itself.

First time I preview a new item I get a great long list of errors and warnings. This does not happen when editing an existing item.

Nice list! Editor buttons are fixed on the “dev site” – I hope to get the latest version of the editor moved over here later today.

I’ll check the link-access-denied issue for “adding a note”. Spell-checker is an interesting idea!

Default linking: that should be in the process of getting fixed.

Previews: I’ll check that out - thought I’d fixed it.

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