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SVN access of articles

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SVN access of articles

I read somewhere in the planetary documentation about the ability to access ones articles by svn. But this features does not seam to be available in planetmath (or I cannot find it). Are there some plans when svn support gets promoted to planetmath? (I would agree to play the beta tester ;) )

Ps: PlanetPhysics is down?

Ps2: I got the following error in the article preview: Notice: Undefined variable: node in _watcher_node_type_enabled() (line 2840 of /home/joe/staging/beta/sites/all/modules/watcher/watcher.module).

Ps3: Watching this thread does not work (the ajax request gets a 404er response)

SVN support is planned, but as for when it will arrive, I’m not sure. We have a long list of bugs and issues to get to!

In particular, I’ve noted the bug reports about the Watcher module.

PlanetPhysics: PlanetMath isn’t directly involved with running the site, but we’re happy to help restore it from a backup.

Sorry these answers are somewhat unfulfilling.

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