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proof of norm and trace of algebraic number

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In the middle of this entry, I have the code:

\begin{proof}[Proof of theorem 1]

According to the PM Content and Style Guide, this is supposed to make "Proof of theorem 1." appear italicized, which is what I want. Instead, what is appearing is "Proof." italicized, then "[Proof of theorem 1]". How do I fix this?

It looks ok in page images mode, so maybe it's a PM problem. Perhaps rerendering might help.

Rerendering doesn't help, but it looks the way that I want it to in page images mode. Hmmm....

I forced the "Proof of theorem 1" to appear the way that I want it to, but now, in html mode only, there's some gibberish that appears just before the bibliography. Any ideas on how to fix this?

I don't know, but you might try removing the empty line between the last line of your proof and \end{proof}. At least this would mean the square would appear in the right place, and it might even do something to the weird text.

It put the square in the right spot (I didn't even notice that!), but the weird text is still there. :-( Any other advice?

I finally figured it out! Since I made the "Proof of theorem 1" outside of the proof environment, I had put a \qed at the end of the proof. In order to avoid the "ARRAY&$!*#" stuff, I had to put \qed in math mode.

In any case, I'm so happy it's fixed now! Thanks silverfish for giving me suggestions.


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